Background information on WABA Library

The WABA Community and family Library was established on Nov.7th, 2005 to promote and serve as an educational resource within the community.  WABA-Adenta Community Library is located at Adenta Lotteries.  We have over the past fourteen (14) years provided quality service to the community.  Our ability to attract working class individuals, children and students should be of interest to you, they come and study and read our daily supply of newspapers.  Our average attendance has risen from nineteen youth and adults (19) per day to twenty-four (24) everyday including weekends (Saturdays).

The library was opened as early as 8:30am and closed at 8:00pm during weekdays. On Saturday, the library is opened from 9am to 4pm. We do not work on Sundays.

The frame time for the use of the library has received a favourable response from the library users and suggested that it should be maintained, because it has become very useful to children and adults who close from school or work late and need some time to finish their home work before going home.

Library Charges

The WABA library is run with income received mainly from the adult and youth, that is the registration fee monthly and daily use of the library.  The fees received were used for sanitation and utility purposes as well as other urgent need as and when necessary.  This ensures the smooth running of the library. This includes zoomlion service, toilet roll, soap, detergent and other cleaning items.  For the various age of group are as follows:

Daily feeGH₵6.00GH₵5.00
Annual GH₵200.00GH₵160.00

Daily activities and playing equipment like Lego and toys serve as a side attraction.  The Librarian assists in activities like reading and writing, spelling bee, vocabulary, math quiz’s, playing of educational etc. Most at times the educational games and drawing and colouring particularly attract more children to come to the library to study.

Gallery From  Our  Reading Fair 2018