The Women Assistance and Business Association (WABA) is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization established on 28th June, 1996. In Akan, a local language of Ghana, “waba” means “he or she has arrived”.

WABA’s head office is based in Adenta, near Accra. WABA also has an office in Asafo-Akim in the East Akim District of the Eastern Region of Ghana, which supports the women and girls in the rural communities where WABA serves.

Our Mission

WABA’s mission is to promote the legal, civic, and economic empowerment of women and girls to improve the quality of their lives and impact positively on their families and communities, especially in rural and peri-urban areas.

WABA has set out to positively affect lives by providing education and integrated support services in various areas such as the rights of women and girls, micro-financing, self-employment and vocational skills.

Our Vision

WABA visions a society where women are not discriminated against and have equal opportunities to participate and lead in various spheres of political, social, economic and cultural interactions and decision making processes which ensure their wellbeing.


WABA Women’s Success Stories (2005)

    Read the stories of women whose lives have been changed for the better through the Women’s Assistance and Business Association (WABA).

    WABA Institute of Democracy and Human Rights Education: Training-of-Trainers Program for Women Leaders (Condensed Version).

    Published under the WABA Institute of Democracy and Human Rights Education in 2004, this document is essential for anyone who wants in-depth knowledge of women’s rights abuses in Ghana.

    WABA Community Children’s Library Registration Form

    Situated in Adenta-Accra, the WABA Community Children’s Library is open to all children (persons of 18 years and below).

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